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Happy New Year! I'm a bit late to the party, but it's still January and let's face I could much be later.
"Happy New Year" "It's the year [insert year here]" "[Insert year here] is going to be my year!" These are phrases we all hear when the new year comes around, people making resolutions, sheer excitement over it being the new year and there's a lot of motivation going around to do better and be better. It's like the new year is a fresh page and people can start afresh along with it. Resolutions are often mocked because one week in or one month into the year and those resolutions are out of the window, and having had similar experiences in the past, people mock themselves for even aspiring to try to change anything, before they've made any resolutions.

I don't do new years resolutions, mine are usually made throughout the year, and they're more targets than resolutions, probably because according to Google a resolution is a "a firm decision to do or not to do something," and my targets are more flexible, in the respect that I could reach something close to those targets and I'd be happy with it. In the middle of last year I already made a few targets as mentioned in "All Boxes Ticked" and those targets are continuing through to this year, so instead of a fresh page, I have the ink from the previous pages leaking through.
I think the reason a lot of New years resolution's don't work is because a lot of the excitement of the new year is lost, when it's June of that year or even March the excitement has dissipated and there is no exclamation mark followed by the phrase "It's [insert Year here]". We should change that. And I have a plan. To begin with, at some point in this year I will upload another blogpost about this year and New years resolutions to remind you it's [insert year here] and that you had one or more resolutions that you need to keep on top of, because it's not too late, this is if your're resolutions are long term. Another issue is that people forget about new years resolutions and only remember on the last day of the year , where they're trying to learn a brand new language in 3 hours...

Now for the plan, I have my notebook next to me and a hot cup of tea, so let's begin.The following plan is for little things you want to do, little things that require a day maximum, two if we're pushing it.
Here's the plan:
-Pick random dates scattered throughout the year- don't pick days you know you won't be free.
-Write a list of activities you want to do for example watch a play, a day out to a city or the countryside, go-karting, the list goes on...
-I'm sure you can put two and two together, but the next step is when one of the picked dates draws closer, pick one of your activities to do on the day. It's almost a planned spontaneity, which I know is an oxymoron but I think the idea is a bit of both.

I've thought of a few things by myself and scoured the internet in the hunt to find different things that I may not have done, or would like to do again. Here are a few things that I thought of or found, that you may or may not be interested in:

-An all nighter - I'm not sure if I've actually had an entire night where I've stayed awake-which sounds pathetic compared to some of the stories I've heard, I enjoy my sleep okay?! I'm pairing this one up with watching the sunrise. I've already talked about watching the sun rise and set in my blogpost Twice A Day, Every Day and I'm sure it will look even more stunning through my sleep deprived eyes.
-A photography day- After a recent attempt at taking photographs, I've come to the conclusion that my photography skills aren't really well...skills. Despite this I really enjoy taking pictures and pretending that I'm a professional photographer- you've got to fake it till you make it hey? So I'll be calling up my friends who are actually good at photography and going out to a local park or somewhere nice and taking lots of pictures that I'll put up on my Instagram -which you should follow if you don't already ;)
-A road trip- this doesn't necessarily have to be to the next City, but just a 30 minute drive to a nearby landmark -roll two activities into one - where you turn up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs with a group of friends or family. Maybe you can listen to some of the songs I've suggested on my last My Radio Playlist-and the subtle hints just keep coming,..

-Different foods- Try a brand new type of food or just something you've never had before. So you could be at your favourite coffee shop- try a different drink, or at a restaurant try-something you haven't had instead of your usual.
-Stand Up Comedy - I've always wanted to watch a stand up comedy live, the only thing left to do is to decide which comedian I want to see.
- Binge TV- They don't have to be days out, they could be days in. Has there been a TV series you've been meaning to watch for forever but never seem to have the time? Save a day just for TV! Make sure you're surrounded by plenty of food though, I find meals are often missed when you're watching TV back to back.
-Digital Detox days - No phone, no internet nothing, depending on what sort of person you are this can be extremely hard, but try it for a day and find out just how dependent you are on the internet or your phone.
I am aware that things happen. You may have circled the 26th of May but it might just so happen that on that same day someone is throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend, in which case that's fine just circle another date later on in the year. The main point of this is to be prompted and reminded of the new things you wanted to try this year, throughout the year.So at the end of this year you know you've had those random scattered days where you did something fresh or fun or different.
So let's get planning! As previously mentioned none of these are long term resolutions, but I wish you all the best in all your resolutions and hope they all go according to plan. I hope this year is everything you want and more, maybe you don't get your resolutions all done but think back to last year ,I'm sure there were things that you didn't plan that came along and made your year that little bit better - or even a lot better.

Now I'm going to ask you to help me with one of my long term resolutions/targets. If you've liked this post and are going to give the planned spontaneity a go then, share this idea with your friends by sending this blogpost to them, the activities don't have to be done alone the more the merrier! Let me know what sort of activities you come up with, by commenting below or tweeting them to me with the #PlannedSpontaneity and send them to @throughmyshoes, and throughout the year on the days you've decided to pick, please send me pictures via instagram and twitter again with the #PlannedSpontaneity the links to my social media are all below. I really want to see what everyone gets up to and whether this plan works.
Have a great year!

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  1. It seems like you have completed most of your resolutions :)

  2. Almost all of them met! Hope you've been keeping on track too!


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