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New picture! Running out of radios to take pictures of!
In the last My Radio Playlist I talked of the possibility of this being either an annual or regular update.Well, since there has been a ridiculous amount of great music that has either been released or brought to my attention, it seems for the moment it is going to be the latter of the two. Due to the vast amount of music I've been listening to, it's been incredibly difficult to narrow it down to these few, but I'm happy with the selection and if I was to become a radio presenter as I mentioned in the first My Radio Playlist- no pressure but think about it - then there would be no shortage in the amount of songs I would play alongside these. So here are the songs I have chosen:

Lights Out- AudioDamn! - This song came to my attention when the band favourited one of my tweets for My Radio Playlist 2. Every time I go back to this song the view count has increased by a significant amount, I'm not sure if this is because I've listened to it that many times,all in one sitting, or because more and more people are liking this sound. A song that makes you bring out your air guitar and convinces you that you are in fact the lead singer of an amazing band, all in your head of course...

Roots- Imagine Dragons - Imagine dragons are unquestionably one of my favourite bands and this song reminds me why. I can relate to it lyrically, it has a good beat and throughout the song there is a sound, that to me sounds like fireworks going off, but fits so well into the song and had me asking why all songs don't have fireworks in them. Once it gets into your head it won't leave, personally it makes me feel a little motivated, check out the song and let me know what sort of feeling it gives you.

Wild Things-Alessia Cara- You may or may not have heard this artist's name already, I don't think she's as well known in the UK as she is in the US, but I like a lot of the music she's released. This song is my one of my favourites by her, it's a catchy tune with a good meaning. Another one of my many sing along songs - I'm beginning to wonder whether all songs are "one of my Sing-along -songs!"

Gold - Vinyl Theatre - I love this band, having only discovered them recently, the amount of times I've heard their album is a little alarming. This song is their latest release and one of the many amazing songs on their album, Electrogram. This band again make me bring out the air guitar and also the air drum kit... These songs would be amazing to play live and make me wish I was a performer. This song, again another one to sing to from the top of your lungs.

Meet You There (Abbey Road Session) - Busted - Now, it's no secret that I'm a Busted fan and if you follow me on Twitter - @throughmyshoes- then you'll know I was ecstatic when they announced that they were reuniting. This song is a song from their previous album released 12 years ago, I prefer this version, I like the way their voices have matured and how well they fit together. I particularly like the title of the song and how it talks of re-meeting at a time more convenient, which I see as the band reuniting at a more convenient time for them, that time being now.

Check out all of the songs above and drop me a comment below or on Twitter, and let me know which ones are your favourite. If you want a link to the songs, I've created a playlist on YouTube called My Radio Playlist 3 or I'll be tweeting links on my twitter. Do you think I should become a Radio Presenter? Do you bring out the air guitar every now and again? Can you play a musical instrument? Are all songs "Sing- along -songs" for you too? If there are any other songs you think I should have added, or should listen to, leave them below or on twitter with #MyRadioPlaylist3 and they might appear on the next My Radio Playlist.

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  1. The lights out song definitely makes me want to get out my air guitar 😂😂😂 wow I can definitely see what you mean by the song being motivational! The drums in the song are insanely good<3

    Alessia cara is just a babe . All her songs are amazing .

    I couldn't quite get into the vinyl theatre song but when the chorus hit I was bopping along haha .

    Never paid busted much attention but omgggg who is that 2nd guy who is singing ? His voice is gorgeous!!!! That is such a sweet sentiment behind their song .

    The your music taste is so diverse which is just so cool .

    1. 😂😂😂 I haven't listened to any of these songs in so long, so glad you posted this comment, I'm listening through to all of them now! Glad you liked them! The second singer is Matt Willis, and he does have a great voice doesn't he? Thank you! I know you're music taste is just as if not more cool!


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