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I don't write about devastating news, I don't write about controversial matters, often I walk through the world in ignorance in fear of what I'll find if I open my eyes, or sometimes I see the hate and the horror and I look for what is good, because in those moments of realisation when we see not everything is the way we want it, we can get lost in horror and disgust and throw ourselves in the pits of pessimism and label ourselves realists. This is isn't a piece on who's in the wrong or who's to blame or who should be punished,I'm not trying to impose my opinion upon you but expect my opinion to come across.This is an observation.

Today I'm going to talk about 13/11/2015, for those of you reading on the day I post this, this will be yesterday. I hadn't been on social media for a day or two and at around 11:30PM  I checked my Twitter, and this is what I saw; Condolences for "What was happening in Paris" were all over my Twitter feed, but what had happened to Paris? I was unsure. There were tweets of bombings, shootings, hostage situations, the hashtag Paris was trending, still it was unclear, but the talk of deaths and underlying fear and sadness struck me. I went to look at the trends so I could look into the Paris hashtag, alongside "Paris" there was "#PrayforJapan" and "Muslims".I entered #PrayForJapan first, from what I could gather there had been an earthquake and a T-sunami was predicted to occur next. Within these tweets were #PrayForLebenon and others, telling the world to open it's eyes. Next was the Muslim tag, this tag was a mess, there were accusations, throughout the tag, unjust conclusions, people explaining what a splinter group was, how not all Muslims are the same. I noticed how some of the people who had pointed the finger, had not said anything about the attacks, hadn't taken in a moment to mourn the loss of the innocent, instead were blindly blamed people to start a fight, because there wasn't already enough of that in the world. The next morning I woke up to tweets from those who had woken up to the news wishing everyone well, #PrayForParis, but within those tweets were also #PrayForJapan and all the other #Prayfor's different variations depending in the different people. There were tweets and retweets of us joining together as the world #ViveLeFrance, just like some tweets I'd seen yesterday.people clearly said terrorism doesn't have a religion. There was a lot of justification, Muslims explaining that this wasn't them #MuslimsAreNotTerrorists and Non-Muslims explaining this wasn't Muslims either.

This is Twitter in the order I witnessed it, there was:
Fear, mourning and Condolences -for the losses and love sent in the direction of Paris- #PorteOuverte was trending, so Parisians could get to somewhere safe.
Anger- because people were concentrating on Paris when there was an equal amount of pain in other parts of the world #PrayForJapan #PrayForLebenon #PrayForMexico, and those who accepted that there were problems everywhere and so talked about them all.
Accusations-flying left and right, who's to blame for all the pain in the world? At one point I saw Refugees being blamed, Muslims were trending.
Defence- for Muslims who appeared to be the most accused #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist. 
Community- #PrayForPeace, people defending others, what are we fighting for? There was a two minute silence on Twitter at 1PM for those who had died.

I know that Twitter isn't a representation of the world, not everyone in the world has Twitter and not everyone on Twitter was active last night and today. It did however open my eyes to the types of people in the world and make me question what everyone is fighting against.I'm glad towards the end Twitter stopped fighting, maybe I see it like that because I follow the right people and don't see hate, but in general, I'm seeing people defend Muslims, people talk about not only Paris but also not make it out like Paris isn't important compared to the other things around the world and #PrayForPeace because we all have a common goal there. Paris has turned it's lights off and in response landmarks all over the world have been lit up with the French Flag. Yesterday innocent lives were lost throughout the world, for one moment, one moment is all I ask before you throw your accusations, your hate, your prejudice, your opinions, and your anger, for one moment think about that, those innocent people who could be going about their normal lives and now cannot because they're dead. 

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  1. YES .Us humans need to get rid of prejudices and hate otherwise we won't ever try to understand eachothers problems!


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