The Memoirs Of Being Ill

I'm ill.

I've got a new orange mug
My head hurts, my throat hurts, I'm sweating and shivering at the same time, needless to say I'm extremely uncomfortable and there appears to be an endless amount of snot emitting from my nose. My thoughts are all over the place and my attempts at trying to get any work done have been futile. Keeping all of this in mind, I'm bed-bound, duvet up to my neck, while I sweat and shake, an empty crisp packet to my left, empty tea cup and half-eaten food to my right. I've reached the point where I can't sleep anymore than I already have but my mind isn't fully functioning either, which means it's difficult to process information, including TV and films unfortunately. My mind then wandered to my blog, it's been a while since I've uploaded anything new. My lack of concentration means that I'm flicking between typing this, social media and periods of time where I stare at the wall, I feel so out of it. I'm questioning the coherency of what I'm writing , expect multiple grammatical errors,spelling mistakes and in general sentences that don't make sense - more than usual anyway. You can assume that what little reviewing of this piece I do before I publish it will be, again, not to the best of my abilities.

I couldn't even finish these biscuits all in one go 
So you may ask why am I typing this? It's obvious that this is not going to be my best piece of writing - although who knows - and since I'm running on tea, a packet of crisps and not much more I'll be surprised if I finish this at all. Truth is I've got nothing else to do, or at least I can't do anything else, not very well anyway and it's driving me insane. I need to keep my mind off the constant temperature changes I'm feeling and my longing to consume food without feeling nauseous. Honestly nothing tastes nice when I'm ill - except for tea, you can never go wrong with tea apparently. That and it's been a while since I last wrote words for your entertainment, since this is not very entertaining tell me, how are you? How's it been? Are those new shoes? I can't promise right now I'm able to process all your answers but tell me anyway, I'll process it eventually. Wait right there, I'll make a fresh cup of tea, would you like one? Unfortunately I can't pass it through the screen so how about you, on the other side, make yourself a preferred hot beverage and fill me in on anything I've missed. Or better yet tell me what's your preferred hot beverage? I don't remember how we got to talking about preferred hot beverages- mine is tea.

So, I should probably give this a quick read through, I've been writing it for a while, surprisingly since it's quite short but like I said, ill, short attention span, staring at walls, hot beverages? Or why don't I leave, what I assume to be this incoherent mess, as it is? And title it the memoirs of being ill, look back and let myself tear apart my thought process while I'm ill when I'm at a constant temperature? It sounds like a plan since right now there are too many words on this screen.

Wrapping this all up now, Let me know whether you are ill or have been ill recently, Let me know how you've been, do you like tea? Did any of this make any sense? Let me know in the comments or through twitter, or any of the social media links below, 

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  1. Your personality still shines through your style of writing even if you was sick af the time of writing haha .I have been ill the past sick and it's honestly so annoying . But I also feel like it's a great time to just take it easy and reevaluate on life 😂

    1. I'm guessing/hoping you aren't ill anymore! But that is so true! It is time off after all to just take a break and let your body repair <3


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