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Yes these are the same pictures as last time...
Last year I posted a blogpost, telling you what music I would play if I had my own playlist at a radio station : My Radio Playlist . This year I thought it would be a nice idea to make it a regular or yearly update. I go in and out of music a lot, there are times when I don't want to listen to music at all and there are times where I go on a hunt for new music and throw myself at artists that I don't remember why I stopped listening to. Is it just me or do you ever listen to a song or artist or genre of music for a bulk of time and then suddenly stop? Maybe it's because you've heard that songs just a few too many times or because you're no longer in the mood for that kind of sound, but then come a year or a few months later and you fall back in love with it all immediately and ask yourself why did I stop listening to this?

This year I haven't been listening to much new music, as I mentioned in My Radio Playlist I haven't got as much time on my hands,but if you follow me on twitter *cough* @throughmyshoes follow me *cough* whenever there is a particular song I really like I tweet it with #MyRadioPlaylist, in doing so all the songs I've liked throughout the year are all in the same place, and after listening to them again I think they are perfect for My Radio Playlist 2 and I've added a few more songs.Here are the songs I'm recommending, the majority of them aren't new music and it's more than likely you've heard them before, so here we go:

Neon Trees- Animal: This song is a song I've been singing in corridors and filled rooms, and nearly every time I've had someone join in with me, because it's one of those songs that gets the crowd going, it has a great beat and somehow just lifts your spirits.

The Wombats - Give Me A Try - A catchy tune with a fast beat, easy to jump and sing too, and great for someone like me who often starts singing and somehow ends shouting... I really love The Wombats and picking a single song was incredibly difficult, I would recommend so many other songs from their albums, to name but a few; Tokyo, Our Perfect Disease, Techno Fan - definitely check out their music if you like this song.

Ed Sheeran -I'm A Mess - I specifically like the acoustic version, compared to the previous songs I've mentioned it's not so much of a song to jump too, but it does have a reasonably quick tempo - it's not the slowest of songs and the chorus is something you'll find yourself attempting at the top of your voice - succeeding however is a completely different story.

Troye Sivan- Fools - Troye recently released a mini-album and I particularly love this song, the music is amazing and so are the lyrics. This song and the song Ease-my other favourite, to me both describe how your dreams and everything you've ever worked for may not be exactly the way you imagined them, the line "And I'd never ever thought that I would say I'm afraid of the life that I've made" from the song Ease really hit the nail on the head for me. Whether you're after music that makes you think or just a good tune, definitely check this one out, it's a slower tempo than the first three not a song to jump to, unless you jump to everything, in which case jump away!

Like last time I'd like to know what music you listen to and what you would recommend so with the hashtag #MyRadioPlaylist on Twitter, on Instagram or in the comments below let me know three songs- or just one if you like- that I should listen to, it can be old, new or even in a different language. I haven't done a poll on my blog in quite a while so I'll leave one up for the next week asking which song you liked the best. Do you think I should make this a regular update? Do you like any of the songs I've recommended? Have you heard them before? Do you already know the artists? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter or Google+

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