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This picture is one of my best pieces of work...
As was written in my "Summer To-Do List" post I had three main things that I wanted to accomplish this summer; to leave my house, to bake something and to try and be regular with my blog. Looking through my blogposts I think I have kept it fairly regular, I know the plan was to upload a new blogpost every week and although there hasn't been a blog post every week there has definitely been a lot more blogposts, more frequently which is definitely progress. Next up is the baking which I did do as seen in my "A Tick Off The List" post, there was no more baking after that but if I do decide to bake I'll let you know. Last but not least was to leave the house which again you can see that I have accomplished on the "A Walk The Park Post." So there we have it every box ticked, which wasn't difficult considering there were only three boxes!

Now that summer is over for most, things are changing less time on our hands and more things to do. This unfortunately means that you should expect not so regular blogposts from me, they may not come often but hopefully they'll be good. With summer over I've been thinking I need to change a few things mix it up a little bit and maybe set myself some targets, a little like The Summer To-Do List but not so few boxes! I'm planning to get more organised and who knows I might save a place for my blog in my new timetable but it got me wondering do people set themselves targets? and if so what sort of targets do they set themselves?

Dare I say it? Could this be just as good?
I have a bad history with targets and aims, I often set myself unrealistic targets that are difficult or can't be done in the time frame or I set myself targets that don't challenge me and take me all of 10 seconds to do. So I sat myself down and really thought long and hard and asked myself what I wanted to achieve, then came the difficult part - could I do it? Could I do it in the time frame? Was I capable of it? and how was I going to go about it. After much deliberation I've picked one target and only one target( I guess I do have fewer boxes than the to do list!), but to achieve this target smaller targets need to be achieved. I won't go into what my target is but it will be hard. I think the common mistake made- definitely in my case is that when you want something, something difficult, you forget there's a lot to overcome, smaller targets that can be just as hard as the overall target so in reality your achieving multiple things when achieving something so big. It's these smaller targets that you need to think of when asking yourself whether you can handle it and whether there's enough time to complete everything.

I'm sure I'm not the only one aiming for something in the future, if you are let me know what your target is, Are you good at setting yourself targets? Any that you're particularly proud of achieving? Any advice for target setting? Did you tick all the boxes on your Summer To-Do list? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @throughmyshoes the link to which is below.

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