Nerves, nerves , nerves , nerves
Tap, tap , tap , tap 
Tick, tick, tick ,tick
Thump, thump, thump, thump

The clock is ticking,
My pen is tapping,
My heart is beating,
My tea I'm drinking
Tick tick tick tick

Adrenaline increasing,
Hope decreasing,
Situations imagining,
Brain overthinking
Tap, tap, tap, tap

Panic is kicking in
Tears are starting to begin
Fear is at maximum
Calm didn't even turn on
Thump Thump Thump Thump

Time's running out
Tea's running out
Patience running out
Thoughts are endless
Nerves Nerves Nerves Nerves

Stop with the pessimism
 Stop with the optimism
Stop with the talking
Stop with the thinking
Stop Stop Stop Stop


Nerves can be good and bad, but don't let them drive you to insanity, I don't plan on letting them do so to me. So for me - no thinking about what makes me nervous, unless I have to, by doing something that has no association with it all. Distraction for me has been the best cure for nerves because as soon as the overthinking has stopped I usually forget why I was nervous because it wasn't constantly on my mind. Remember "The Study Season Post"? Well if you haven't already gotten your results, they're coming out soon and I'm expecting a lot of nervous readers. If you are in this situation then remember that nerves are not going to change how that exam went and worrying about what your result is going to be isn't going to change it, so use that energy on something else. I wish you all the best of luck if you haven't gotten your results yet and if you have then I hope it went as well as you wanted or even better.

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