A Walk Through The Park

As you may know on My Summer To Do List one of the bullet points was to leave the house. Compared to my last summer, you'll be happy to hear -or not - that I have left the house considerably more, there was even a week when I left the house almost everyday, even if it was to go to the corner shop, it was still leaving the house. In a previous post, to be precise the Where are my Blue Shoes post , I talked about nature and the great outdoors, and how it can be relaxing, today I return to the outdoors and talk about my trip through a park.

Parks are interesting aren't they? Some are small and some are big, some are just concrete with swings where children- and occasionally adults- can play, I like the big ones that are vast pieces of green land with trees and pathways you can walk or cycle on. I went to a park like that recently, and here’s what I saw.

I walked into the park and to my right was a man performing yoga with peaceful music emitting from somewhere near him. I tired my best not to stare, I’ve never seen anyone do yoga in such an open space before, but it looked and sounded peaceful,  I’ve done some basic yoga before and from what I understood, it was about being in the moment - taking in your surroundings, the smells , the tastes, the feelings, that man performing yoga was doing exactly that.
As I walked further through the park I saw on old woman and a man that I assumed was her son walking through the park, the man holding on to his mothers arm supporting her and guiding her onward as they conversed in another language, lost in conversation.
 I cut through the grass and walked onwards, near me was a pond with ducks and swans and what appeared to be torn shreds of stale bread. I watched as the ducks flew in and out and fed their ducklings and  people threw more bread and watched the water. I'm not a fan of birds so I kept my distance only stopping to take a few pictures, and continued walking.
There were benches a little further along where a family sat with the kids close, running up and down a hill chasing each other, with their mother telling them to be careful. Continuing my walk, close to the end of the park I passed women - or more she passed me - while she was jogging, and that was the end of my walk through the park.

I saw all of this is one journey, so many different types of people, doing different activities , some alone, some with family, some with friends. A park can be a good place to go when they're safe, I know not all of them are, but for the ones that are, they can be stunning when there's not many people around and interesting when there are people around. Think of all the times you've been to a park, it doesn't have to be one in your local area, just a park, think of all the different types of people you've seen , the different ages, the different cultures, the amount of people, the things they were doing.
Before that day it hadn't quite occurred to me the number of different things people do at parks, I've seen people jogging , running, playing sports, playing with siblings or kids, yoga, fitness regimes, just lying down for a rest, walking dogs- some parks have events as well, festivals and music. Parks are great places where a lot can be done.

Let me know all about your park experiences, what things do you do when you go to the park? Do you go to the park? Have you ever done yoga before? Are you a bird person? Out of all the parks you've been to which park was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter or Google + the links to which are all below.

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