1 Year Of Words

Today is the birthday of my blog, it was one year ago on this very day I published my first post so: Happy birthday Through My Blue Shoes! Instead of throwing a birthday party that you would all be jealous of, with tea and balloons and cake -the cake is key - I wanted to talk about birthdays and my blog.

Aw look the progression of the blue shoes!
Personally I wouldn't call myself a birthday person but if it is your birthday then you should expect me to sing you "Happy Birthday". Some people - who are don't know a great singer when they hear one- beg me to stop singing because, and I quote, "you can't sing" but an opera style happy birthday is both original and would straight away make your day 100 times better - trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I have yet to sing my blog a happy birthday maybe we could all do it together, and then you can all admit I have a great singing voice...

Next up is cake - cake is a must, forget everything else if there is cake I'm happy. It doesn't even have to be a fancy cake, some people have themed cakes,rainbow cakes,cakes with icing , cakes that actually taste nice... I would be happy with a plain cake preferably one that did taste nice- which probably means I shouldn't bake it...

Next up is resolutions. There are people who say "by this time next year I want to have accomplished the following things..." Then the next day or even that very day they get to work on the things they want to get done, some people actually get them done and some forget about their goals after a week and only remember the week before their next birthday and by then they just say they'll do it next year! I unfortunately used to do this the wrong way round, it would come to my attention that my birthday was drawing ever closer and that I was going to be a year older, and then I'd panic and do everything I could before my birthday , that way I'd have accomplished all these things before I was that age, this was a mess because my goals were often ridiculously difficult or needed a longer period of time to achieve - usually both- after I realised I did this a lot, I stopped making resolutions and
giving myself deadlines and said if you want to do it, do it.

On that note we move gracefully onto my blog. I'd been playing with the idea of a blog for a few weeks before I actually made one, in the end it was just if I wanted to then I should, and I'm glad I did. For me this blog has reignited my passion for writing and reminded me of few things about myself I forgot along the way, It's probably one of the biggest achievements of the past year for me, this is my 20th post on this blog, and for a year, some people may say that's not a great number of posts but I can happily say that I'm proud of each and every post, and even though I'm not a birthday person I'm more than happy to celebrate this birthday because I'm proud of what I've done.

My blog doesn't have a particular theme, there are lifestyle blogs, cooking, make up, style,photography and so much more, but I don't feel like this blog fits into any of those categories, it has it's own little theme, the "through my blue shoes theme", and I hope you like it. When I started this blog I wondered whether anyone would even read it , and one year on I can proudly say that I am not the only person who does! I was amazed when I saw that people from other countries were reading
my posts, I have people who have read from The UK, The US ,Russia, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates and so many more places, and whether that was because they accidentally clicked onto the wrong link or because someone told them about my blog, I'm happy they stumbled onto it. If you're a regular reader than I thank you so much for reading my blog, it excites me so much, the idea that someone enjoys my writing enough to read it regularly and think that it might actually be good. This blog is one of my stress relievers, when things get too much I write, to forget for a little while, and when I see that people have read my posts it makes me feel a lot better.To anyone who has read my blog, shared it, follows me on social media, commented on my posts used those hashtags I mentioned, thank you so much, it really does mean a lot.

In the comments below or on social media let me know if you are a birthday person, What do you have to have on your birthday? Is it anyone's birthday today? Do you read my blogposts regularly or is this your first read? Let me know if you like my blog, wish my blog a happy 1st birthday on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #ThroughMyBlueShoes1stBirthday, also would you like me to sing you Happy Birthday opera style? I promise you it's amazing...

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