Sounds Of The Stomach

You're sitting with people around you, people from school , people from work or strangers, you're listening to the person at the front of the room and suddenly a sound erupts from your stomach - a low rumble- a grumble. Your eyes widen, was that your stomach? It was, from the corner of your eyes you glance in the direction of the person next to you, did they notice? They continue to look down, or at the person at the front of the room so you act like you hadn't heard anything either. You'd eaten two hours ago "Come on, hold it together" you think to yourself. You didn't even think you were that hungry. You return your attention to the speaker.

A few minutes later after you'd forgotten all about the grumble, another louder noise similar to the first, comes from your stomach,you feel your cheeks turning red. The person to your right looks at you. You look at them. There's a pause. Then you both laugh, a quiet laugh - you don't want to draw attention to yourselves. They understand. The hunger has grown and now it's quite noticeable but thinking of food will only make things worse, again you turn your attention to the front of the room distracting yourself from the thought of food.

The thing about stomachs is that they don't need to think about food to know they want it, and a few minutes later your stomach makes another noise, it's like an alarm clock with a snooze button, it won't stop till you turn it off and the only way to turn off this alarm clock is to eat something. You have 10 more minutes until the end,10 more minutes and you could go and eat. The person next to you may have been understanding but the stomach sounds were getting louder and you are starting to feel more and more self-conscious about the amount of people that could here the grumbles.

It's after your food break/ lunch you're replenished no more noises of the unknown coming from you, right? Wrong. Twenty minutes after food and your stomach starts to make some more noises. It's not like the noises from before they aren't low any more they're much higher, a sort of squirming coming from ... well your not sure, is it your chest? Is it your stomach? What are these noises for? And to think, you thought it was all over.

The person next to you doesn't seem to notice, maybe only you could hear them. Throughout the day there are continuous noises of different pitches emitting from the trunk of your body, you sit uncomfortably in your seat, pretending you don't hear anything at one point you're sure you can hear sounds from your throat. And all this time you wonder can anyone else hear them? No one made any remarks or looked at you weirdly but they could have just been being polite. Oh the Sounds of the Stomach...

I'm 100 percent sure that I'm not the only one who has these rumbles, grumbles and squirms coming from my stomach as I've also been the person that's sat next to you and chuckled to confirm it's nothing, because I know all too well what it's like. It's nice to laugh about it and easy to as well if you're sitting next to a friend, but I've sat next to strangers where my stomach has had an episode, and to this day I wonder whether that stranger next to me could hear my stomach, in that lecture theatre and if they could, well there's nothing I can really do about it is there? I remember, there was always a class I had in school right before break where everyone's stomach would always rumble and we would always laugh about it because it was always that lesson at that time. I've heard some hilarious stories about stomach rumbles and I would love to hear if you have any, so please share your stories below in the comments I'd love to read them.

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