A Stack Of Books

The book shop - Where the mind is told to wander.
(Wise words from myself...)

I love to read, when I was a little younger it was all I used to do, it's how I spent my summers and late nights, hidden in a good book with a loss of my surroundings. Now I don't have so much time to read, and when I do, I find it harder to get lost in a book. Being surrounded by books reignites my love for reading,so I quite like bookshops and libraries, I particularly love the smell of them, that significant smell of books with a slight hint of curiosity that comes from the people who are in search of something to read.

I prefer libraries to bookshops, but when
there's a bookshop nearby I have to stop and take a look. I like to see who's the number 1 bestseller and who's number 16, to see what other people in the shop are looking at, look for something new that I haven't read before, branch out to some new genres.

Where I come from, I haven't found any small bookshops that are hidden away in street corners, instead they loom over all the shops in the high street and welcome you in. Book shops are always romanticised in books themselves, with an eccentric owner who keeps their own collection of weird and wonderful books only to show it to those unsuspecting strangers, who were destined to step into that shop at that very moment. The bookshops I go to are more pick your own book, we have lots.

I prefer libraries because I don't like re-reading books, and I don't think a book should be read once and then kept on a shelf never to be looked at again.I like the way a library lets more that one person read the same book, it allows access to books for people that may not be able to get a hold of them, and in general are quiet places where you can work, read and in some places just sit down. Having said that I do know a few bookshops which allow you to sit down, this can be particularly helpful after a long day of shopping!

There's a fear going round that technology will wipe out books and that in the future children won't read them. Personally I don't think that is the case, as someone who is quite on the ball - or likes to think so- with technology , I prefer reading on paper compared to reading on a screen,that may just be me, and I do see the advantages of books on devices, but I also think that there's something about having a book in your hands and turning the pages by yourself that completes the reading experience.

I want to know your opinions on books, do you think technology will take over? Do you have any good books that you think I should read? Libraries or Bookshops? High street bookshops or hidden away bookshops? Do you like reading? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @throughmyshoes on twitter. All my social media links are below - told you I was on the ball with technology! Follow me - if you want - and you'll be able to see when I upload new blogposts and what I'm up to.

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