The New (Not Blue) Shoes

You open the brand new box and inside is a brand new pair of shoes. You'd worn your old pair to the point of no return and now it was time for the initiation of another pair of shoes, that will walk with you wherever you go-well wherever you go in those shoes. A waft of new emits from the shoes and you admire how pristine they look compared to the battered pair across the room.

You try them on, shoes are tricky, just like any other form of clothing, they fit in the shop but at home they won't, which makes no sense because what happened? Did your feet shrink? Did they suddenly grow? Did the shoes decide they didn't want to be your size anymore? After a few laps around your bedroom floor you decide that these do fit, they just need a little breaking into.

As you step outside, you're wary of where you step, these are new shoes, you can't get them dirty
before anyone's seen them. So you walk with caution, a hop here, a jump there, it's almost like a dance, woah is that a dry leaf that will leave no stain at all? Better jump over that! You reach a grassy area, you have two options, the shortcut through the grass or the long path which will keep your shoes away from grass stains. You decide to take the long way around after all these are new shoes it'll be worth the extra few minutes.

You reach wherever you were going to go and you continue as normal the concentration on your shoes is no longer existent, you forget you're even wearing them, you don't look where your stepping, there's no jumping and hopping. The day comes to an end and on your way home you look down and there on your brand new shoes is some dirt - your shoes have some dirt on them! You can't believe it! You were so careful! You continue home no hopping no jumping, you're careful but suddenly dry leaves are not a problem,you take the shortcut through the grass as soon as you get home you plan to get rid of the dirt and any grass stains that may or may not have appeared. You get home you take your shoes off and you forget about them.

The next day you put them on and walk out the house - they've been through the initiation the jumping and the hopping, they're still new but now they're yours, with that mark- your mark- you can comfortably wear them without the fear that they'll get dirty because there's already dirt on them. And that is the beginning of a long and healthy relationship with you and your new shoes.

Tell me I'm not the only one who hops and jumps when they get new shoes, especially white shoes! I know what you're all thinking and if you're not (you may be a new reader), you should be - why are these shoes black?! As we know ,and if we don't just look at the URL of this page, my blog is called Through My Blue Shoes and the pair of shoes I've shown you today are black. I think it's time I told you that the lifespan of those infamous blue shoes are coming to an end, they haven't quite reached the end, and I mean what I say when I say that I wear my shoes to the point of no return, so expect them to still be in blogposts and pictures but don't be too surprised if these shoes or any other shoes for that matter take their place, they're also not blue because I got them before I started my blog- oops.On that note I'll leave you to comment on what you think of my new shoes, what you think about the initiation of new shoes and whether you have pristine shoes or your shoes often get battered like mine, comment below or tweet me @throughmyshoes or comment on my instagram @throughmyblueshoes so much social media! The links to which are:

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