The Study Season


It's been a long time since I've written words for your entertainment, however this is not a post to make you chuckle but a post to say hello and good luck!

We're approaching, or in some cases have approached, the study season or as others like to call it the exam season. Students are cramming, revising, studying and probably breaking down as you read. There's content to learn, practice questions to attempt, essays to write, coursework to complete and procrastination to be avoided.

So this is a post to say good luck, not only in the exams but the studying for the exams. I know it can all get a bit too much, with pressure from yourself or from people around you, or just the amount of work can be overwhelming. Make sure you take some time to breathe and not over think, these exams are important, yes, but you won't do any better by stressing yourself out about it. So with this piece of advice I wish you all the best whether you're taking exams or not.

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