People Watching

I've been out and about lately, and to get from point A to point B transportation has been required. The way I get to most places is by walking or car, but my most recent journey meant I had to take the train. We've all taken the train or the bus from somewhere at least once in our lives, I often take these journeys alone, if there is someone accompanying me, there is a high probability that we won't talk that much. My mind is constantly thinking as I hope yours will be too, and from my corner in the bus shelter, or the train station, I start to think about the people around me. I know nothing about these people, yet here they are so close to me, I have an image of them in my mind, heading in the same direction as me and maybe even to the same stop. So in these moments of silence my mind begins to play a game. I listen, I watch and I think, of all the possibilities, who these people could be what their lives could be like. Don't confuse imagination with reality, these stories I make in my mind are just that- stories. So let me introduce you to people watching.

I'm sure many of us have sat and just thought "I wonder what's going through that persons head right now?" It's a little bit like that, and it depends on how imaginative I'm feeling. On a particularly lazy day it's basically watching the people around me in a non-stalker sort of way. For example when I was waiting at the train station there was a family standing next to me with small children, and the younger brother was chasing his older brother, that made me smile, I didn't think up a story I just watched as their mother told them to stop running around and behave. It reminded me of the times when my mum used to tell me and my siblings off for misbehaving. Just paying attention to what's going on around you, can make you chuckle, there are often slips and stumbles and the way people recover in the hope that no-one saw anything and act as if nothing happened often makes me smile.

Then there are the more creative days, for example when I'm sitting across from someone on a long journey. I pick up small things and my mind starts to play with this information. I almost pretend I'm a detective, pushing aside the immediate thoughts that come to my head about the person and working with the evidence in front of me. This gentleman keeps tapping his feet like he's in a hurry but the train won't go any faster, no matter how much he taps. He keeps checking his phone, I assume he's waiting for something but what? If you have nothing else to work with then that's completely up to you, I'm not telling you to jump to conclusions these are just ideas remember- not the truth. This gentleman for example, yes he's in a hurry and he is wearing a suit and tie, I could assume he is a businessmen, who's running late for a meeting and so constantly checking the time on his phone. Or I could assume that he is on time he's just impatient.

The more I think about it the less it is a game and more just paying attention to the people around you. A lot of the people I can see around me are on thier phones or technology, it's a surprise how they know when to get up. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with technology, I mean I write a blog so who am I to talk? But sometimes it's nice to look up, look around and notice things.

I know it's been a long time since I last uploaded, and I would like to thank those who have regularly checked to see if I have. Unfortunately, this blog is not updated every week or at a specific time. It's something I upload when I have time. I really enjoy blogging but I have a lot of other things going on too. I do my best to upload when I can, but an easy way for you to be notified when I do upload is to follow this blog, or follow me on twitter, google + or instagram the links are below. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, maybe you read it on a train journey to or from somewhere, if you do after you've finished reading maybe you should try people watching.

Comment below if you have any stories from anything that's made you chuckle while you've people watched. Or whether you're on a train or bus right now. Let me know if you've ever been on a bus or train!

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