Where Are My Blue Shoes?

So recently I swapped my blue shoes for green wellies (Wellington Boots/rain boots/whatever they're called/those things on my feet in the picture),  and took a step into the great unknown or more specifically the Heather Moorlands in the countryside. Yes I am "one of them" who likes to go outdoors and move, it's great you should try it- no I'm joking it's horrible...

I learnt more than I thought I would on that trip, for example , the uneven stone covered ground results in aching feet, whether you're wearing Wellington boots or not. I learnt walking up a hill requires a lot of energy, especially when you're carrying equipment, so next time- I won't. I also learnt that sometimes it's worth all that energy because the view from up there was breathtaking. I don't like heights but this was different, I was looking over everything but I was a part of it at the same time. I took a few pictures but the camera on my phone isn't great, so I'm not really sure if the beauty of it was really captured.

I come from the city, but I like to think that I'm not too oblivious to what the natural world without the city lights is like, because I've been to the countryside more than once- I know the difference between the two. Despite all this I forgot just how purifying it all was. I'm not saying the city is dirty, the countryside has some ... interesting smells and I'm pretty sure those green wellies were brown by the end of the day
, but when I walked across the fields all the troubles in my mind didn't feel like anything, I just wanted to sit on the grass and just relax and admire nature, and it felt good.

I don't know if it's just me but there is something about nature and seeing that sort of natural beauty that gets me excited, there were a few tasks that needed to be completed and I found myself doing things I might normally think twice about, like almost getting knee deep into a pond which I couldn't see into.

I know not everyone has access to the countryside but the next time you pass a park or a garden or if we're pushing it a potted plant- actually I'm not really sure if a potted plant will do the trick- let it relax you.

I'll leave you with some pictures I took, that's another thing about the countryside some really beautiful pictures can be taken. Tell me about your countryside experiences, do you have some good pictures of the countryside? Do you ever just want to sit there and stare? Let me know in the comments below or tweet to me @throughmyshoes

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