I'm Not Very Good At It But...

My favourite sport is cricket, the automatic assumption that you'd have now, is that I'm good at Cricket, that's why I like it. Wrong. I'm really bad at cricket. Okay that might be an exaggeration, I've gotten better, but let’s just say I need a lot more practice before I end up playing for my country. (Small note on the side, I've always wanted to play for my country, so if anyone wants to put in a good word for me, go for it!) Despite being not the best at cricket I still love playing it, and that only makes me love cricket more; the fact that I don't have to be good at something to enjoy it.

I used to be a member of my schools cricket team, and sometimes when I passed my coach or a member of the team, they'd make a joke about their favourite... mishap... of mine. However, what they might not have realised is that I personally have my own favourite.

So let's go back to my first tournament, this was a one day tournament so we competed against lots of schools all in a day. I was a bowler on my team, not a very good one might I add. It was my turn to bowl, so I got into position. My bowling skill was a bit hit and miss, occasionally it went in a straight line and more often than not, it went completely off target. So, I got into position all eyes on me , this was an indoor tournament so there were other matches around me. Ahead of me was the batsman tapping their bat against the floor, letting me know that they were ready. Fielders all around me, an umpire behind me letting me know I could bowl. I took a deep breath in, I could do this, it would NOT be a wide bowl. I stared directly straight ahead, my eyes on the target- the wicket. I ran up, my arms moving in a windmill rotation and released the ball. No- stop, wait! I let go too early! Where's the ball? I looked up; it wasn't in the air, it wasn't ahead of me- where was it? Everyone was looking behind me, I spun around. Yes that's right it had hit the umpire behind me. On the head.

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a ball in the air?
There was a moment of horror where I just stared and then the apologising began. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm really sorry!" He just smiled and said it was okay. By then everyone had started laughing and I couldn't help but laugh too. He said we could start again, and that he’d stand a little further back, which made me chuckle after I'd apologised again. I don’t remember how my bowling was after that, but I remember holding onto the ball really tightly afterwards.

I would just like to clarify again that my bowling skills have improved greatly and I really would like to play for my country one day so if you know the people point them in my direction! The reason my skills have improved is because I really like cricket and there's something about it that makes me want to be better at it. Is there anything that you're not very good at but still enjoy? Have you had any horrific sporting mishaps? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @throughmyshoes. Thank you to a friend who stood in a field throwing a ball in the air for me and helping me take pictures.

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  1. lool i let go of the bat in rounders once, it hit someone in a delicate area...

  2. :') I can't stop laughing! I hope it didn't hurt them too much! I guess you need to hold on to the bat more tightly instead of the ball!


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