Dancing Leaves

This is the time of the year where the leaves can't decide what colour suits them best. One by one the leaves change, and if you look at a row of trees next to each other you can see how far into autumn one is compared to the others, or how far behind one particular tree is, who's decided it's not autumn after all, and they're sticking with all green.

It's the time of the year when the leaves start dancing, they put on their new colours and come out to play. They float from the tree tops and make their way down and when you watch it, it can make your day, it's definitely made mine more than once.

It's the time of the year when you'll be shivering in the morning and come the afternoon you'll be sweating. The day can start off with clear skies and end with a thunderstorm. The only thing anyone is really sure of is bringing an umbrella out with you is a must.

It's the time of the year when you can take some amazing pictures without even trying.This year I attempted what I'd like to label as an experiment. I tried to take a picture of a tree I pass most mornings, so every time I passed the tree and remembered to take a picture, I took one. What I would've then achieved would be the colour progression of the tree as it changed from it's summer style to it's autumn style. But unfortunately, I naturally ended up picking the one tree, that decided summer was only over when they decided it was over! Overall in my opinion, I've got some nice pictures of a green leafed tree, and the memories of a collection of strange looks I got, every time I stopped to take a picture of the tree from passers by, which I will hold dear to my heart- obviously. Here are the pictures that I took , I did notice today that the leaves were yellowing but it couldn't be seen from the angle I was taking the pictures, so I've added a close up image of a group of leaves from the same tree.

To make it clear, I like autumn - a lot, but saying that I like all the seasons, they all have there pro's and cons. I like the warmth that comes with the cold, the extra layers and the warm duvets. In the comments below let me know if you have a favourite season. If you saw someone taking a picture of a tree would you give them odd looks? What do you think of my pictures? Do you have any autumn pictures you're proud of? If you do, send me a picture on twitter @throughmyshoes with #dancingleaves, I have a few more pictures that I'll definitely be posting on twitter. I'll leave a poll on here over the next week so you can let me know what your favourite season is.

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