Scottish Independence

I'm really proud of this - I did it myself!

I know this blog is about the simple things in life but I think, as this is a moment that's for the history books,it should have a place on my blog too.

So, spoiler alert, Scotland is staying as part of the UK. I'm personally glad that they are staying, I appreciate the union between the 4 countries of the UK, obviously there are people who disagree, 45% of Scotland in fact, however that is my personal opinion. 45 % of Scottish voters voted for independence and 55% of voters voted to stay.There are many reasons why people chose to stay and why they chose to leave. I've known they've wanted to leave for quite some time, but to begin with, I didn't quite understand why, but that I believe, may have just been down to personal ignorance. Since then,  I've had some very interesting conversations with a range of people who either wanted Scotland to leave or to stay, or didn't have an opinion - an indifferent bystander. I'd list out the for and against arguments that we came out with but I'll let you do some research, come up with your own, because it is an interesting debate, and can start some good conversations, even if it's not your kind of thing.

The percentage of votes were quite close,which in my opinion just goes to show every vote counts. The people who did vote decided this historic event, and the turnout,of 85%, in my opinion, was amazing, so next time you vote for anything, remember your vote counts.

I'll leave you to think about the Scottish referendum,do you think Scotland should have left? What's your opinion? Are you an indifferent bystander? Changes will be happening, despite Scotland still staying those 45% of people aren't going unheard, but will the changes be enough? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Leave me your opinions in the comments below or tweet me @throughmyshoes.

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