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When I was younger I wanted to be a radio presenter. For those of you who know me, that might seem like an interesting choice of career, but it's what I wanted to be for a period of time. I even went as far as to ask my local radio station for work experience, which they sadly rejected - if my local radio station is reading right now, well you know where to find me!*Cough* Follow me @throughmyshoes on twitter *Cough*.

I liked the way people in a particular community-or with the larger radio stations the entire country- were all listening at the same time. I could walk into school and be humming a song I heard on the radio and someone else would have heard it too, from the same station, listening to the same presenter laughing at the same jokes.

I still love all these things and yes, it could be said for things like television as well, so why a radio presenter? Why not an actor or a T.V presenter? I have to admit I did want to be an actor for a good five minutes as well... But a radio presenter because the  people at my local radio station were hilarious, they always made me laugh and if they didn't ,the music they played made me smile. There was a range of different genres of music and at that time in particular my musical tastes were developing and I'd get excited when, the not so well known pieces of music were played and I knew them. I thought to myself I could do that; I like music and I think there are some not so well known songs, I know, that  I think others would like to know.

I don't have much time on my hands anymore and I don't listen to as much music as I once did, but I thought maybe I can share my music choices with you, so here are 3 songs that would be on my playlist right now:

Centuries - Fall Out Boy, this is a particularly motivational song in my opinion, listen and you'll understand.
Battles- Hudson Taylor, I particularly enjoy the acoustic version and can't help but sing along to the chorus.
Stayin alive - Bee Gees, this song is legendary and can bring a room to life when played, how could I not put it in? 

This was a difficult decision,there's mix of genres, hopefully there's a song you haven't heard yet. If you have heard them tell me if you like them. What I would really like to know is, three songs you'd have on your playlist, so either leave a comment below or follow me on twitter @throughmyshoes and leave your three songs with #myradioplaylist. I'm really interested to hear what music you'd choose and to find some new music.

So what do you think? Could I make it as a radio presenter? Are there any jobs you wanted to do, that are completely different to what you want to do now or are doing now? Using the poll let me know what music you like listening to. A big thank you to the amazing people that let me borrow the radios in the pictures for this post and the camera which took the pictures, because mine wasn't playing nicely.

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