The Stresses Of Shopping

Yes I am taking a picture of me walking... that's not weird at all.
As you walk into the shop the temperature rises, your suddenly feeling a little hot, should you take your jacket off? You came in for jeans but you’ll look around see if there’s anything on sale, or something you like. Eventually you get to the trouser section, there are LOTS. To your right cropped jeans to your left skinny jeans behind you flare, and so many more.

You look in front of you nothing seems like the ones you want, you pick up a random pair you look at the price you put them back down, why did you come to this shop? Everything’s expensive! Eventually you find a few within your price range and they don’t seem to look right. You will leave, but you stay until the song playing has ended – it’s a good song! You leave and go to another shop, one that you normally shop at, You browse again reach the jeans section, somehow there are even more options here, the price has definitely gone up since you were last here. You pick up a pair that’s a nice colour, you look at the price and you see the person next to you glance in your direction instead of putting the pair back down you hold onto them- smooth.

 Everything looks the same but they’re called different names. You begin to get confused, what’s skinny and super skinny? Are they calling you fat? You start to wonder whether these will last long, they need to last and will they go with your other clothes? You see someone ahead of you that looks more stylish than you, you glance over in their direction trying to see what they’re picking up, they walk away and you scuttle over to what they were looking at, you look at what they got and what you've already picked up, suddenly those don’t look as nice anymore.

The first pair you try on you already know will be a battle as you force your foot through the hole they've provided for your leg. At this point you’re hopping around the small cubicle on one foot, BANG, “OW!” You clamp your hand against your mouth, you just bashed into the wall but you’re worried other people have heard. You pull off those jeans, there’s no way you’re going to buy a pair of jeans that you have a fight with every time you put them on. You can hear someone talking outside “What was that noise?” Your eyes widen and you hold your breath until you’re sure they’re not there anymore. Why do you hold your breath? It’s not like they can come into the changing room and say “was it you?” with interrogating eyes.

You try on different sizes, ones that should fit around the waist don’t, and sizes that do fit are too long or too short. Going the next size up or down seems to either swamp you or suffocate you .Why does nothing fit you? You’re so weirdly shaped! It’s either that or the shops don’t make sense. Eventually you go through all your options and still haven’t found a pair that fit.
I really don't like escalators.

You’re feeling really hot now, after getting all flustered and you’re loosing confidence you just need to leave and peacefully browse around. You reach another shop you walk in, here there are also jeans, you walk up to them they’re the same price as the others but you’re trying to remember what the other ones looked like, did they look nicer? You pick a few out and try them on you finally you find one that fits! Finally! BUT it’s a style you don’t like; did the one in the other shop look better? You go back to the other shop and try and find the jeans again. You've forgotten which ones came closest to fitting you, was it theses ones? These ones look nicer. Don’t they? But you need them to fit. You’ll start liking the other ones eventually, it’s not like they were ugly, but these ones do look nicer on you… which one do you pick? You go back to the other shop you stare at those jeans for a while they did fit. You try them on again and you look in the mirror trying to imagine them with other clothes- they would work. Wouldn't they?  You’re almost at breaking point here all this for a pair of jeans!

Thank God no one’s here to see you get all worked up, oh wait…is that? Hide! You hide behind the hangers and walk in the opposite direction, you know for definite you’re looking 3 times redder than normal and because of this unnecessary heat you’re feeling all sweaty, you DO NOT need to “bump into” anyone.

Your friend’s out of sight and you’re ready to walk away empty handed, but no not again! So you stand in equidistance from both shops working out the pro’s and cons of each. Eventually it hits you, buy both! Buy them ask, other peoples opinions and then return the one you don’t want! Why hadn't you thought of this half an hour ago? You go in to the different stores buy both and go back home- hopefully these jeans last a long time, because you do not want to do that again any time soon.

This is often what happens to me when I’m shopping no matter what I’m trying to buy; I can definitely say that the shops have got it all wrong and I’m perfectly fine thank you very much, but you can’t help feeling like that when nothing fits. Do you have these issues when you’re shopping? What is the difference between skinny and super skinny?Am I the only one who doesn't like escalators? Do you hold your breath when you've bumped into something hoping people won’t notice? Let me know in the comments below, and let me know if shopping is hard for you using the poll on the right hand side.

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