The Perfect cup Of Tea

What is the perfect Cup of tea?

Recently I've been out and about and offered cups of tea, which I have happily accepted, because let's face it tea's delicious. While I was drinking these cups of tea I realised that everyone makes their tea differently, and I personally have a particular way I like my tea, which then made me ask the question,What is the perfect cup of tea??

Of course this depends on who's drinking the cup of tea. I know some people who don't even like tea, *gasp* it's blasphemy I know- and for these people there is no perfect cup of tea unless there's no tea at all. Some people prefer no milk, hot milk, cold milk, milk AFTER the tea's been put in, no sugar, LOT's of sugar and some, well they'll just have water please.

So the last time I made some tea I took notes and I'm going to share them with you, with the help of my favourite chipped mug. You can try out my method and see if it's for you, or you can just come back onto this post if you're ever making me a cup of tea J

You will need
·         Mug/Cup
·         Pot
·         A hob
·         Tea spoon

·         Water
·         Sugar
·         Tea Bag
·         Milk

Serves 1
  1.  Fill the mug/cup you plan to drink your tea in with water, then pour into your pot.
  2. Then fill the same mug halfway with water and pour into the pot, this is the water that will evaporate and form into steam.
  3. Now add the tea bag and turn on the heat, unless you're using a kettle then don't add the teabag in with the water.
  4.  While the water is heating, add your chosen amount of sugar I like between one and one and a half teaspoons. Then add milk this again is up to you I prefer cold milk, very little amount and I like to add mine to the mug before I put in the tea.
  5.  When the water reaches boiling point and steam is emitting form your pot then reduce the heat but don't turn it off completely. Let the tea simmer for a minute or two and then turn of the heat.
  6.  Now add the tea into your mug until just the right colour, the deeper the colour the stronger the tea, my personal preference is the one below.
  7.  Finally stir, this is very important! It allows everything to mix together so the sweetness of the sugar is spread evenly through your tea.

Now I know not all of us have an "old fashioned kettle thingy" or a pot dedicated to just tea (because tea does stain). So you can heat the water in a normal kettle and then add to the mug with the tea bag in but leave the teabag in for at least 3 mins to allow all the goodness of tea to come through.

Let me know how you make your tea in the comments below, and I might try it out!Take a picture of your next cup and send it to me on twitter with the hashtag  #perfectcupoftea @throughmyshoes

Until the next time



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