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This is just a quick post to let you know about bloglovin, which is a site which allows you to follow all your favourite blogs and discover new ones. It notifies you when a blog you follow uploads a new post, and can be downloaded as an app on your phone so it's easy to manage.

I have now created a profile on the site so you can follow me there and I've found a few blogs which I think are amazing, which you can find as well. Unfortunately, my amazing IT skills have failed me as I'm unable to add a widget/button at the end of my posts, which allow you to follow me on bloglovin. Hopefully I will be able to find someone who can help me sort out the problem, if you're reading this and there still isn't a button at the end of the post it means my IT skills haven't gotten any better, so I'm going to add a link to the end of this post which should send you to my profile page on bloglovin, it's quick and easy to make an account, make sure you follow me and let me know if you like the site :) 

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